Friday, July 8, 2011

My favorite night of the week!

Alright, so I'm not very good at posting right away after things happen so you all will have to bare with me and my slowness, haha. So Wednesday night volleyball was awesome, again, it was nice to play on our court again after last week and wallyball. The floors were super shiny and kinda sticky... so it wasn't a night to be sliding and diving for the ball. We had an awesome turnout of: Dan, Jenny, Becky, Cassie, Ryan, James, Jason, Jason's friend Kevin?(sorry I don't remember), Ali, Erica, Brett, and me. Ryan had to leave after only a few minutes so we played six on five. It was fun and competitive, with Jason's crazy spikes, Becky and Ali's sweet saves, and all of us laughing at each other, it was great. I am going to say I got an awesome block in! I had a few blocks that night but the best was blocking one of Jason's hits, because of the way he hits if someone blocks it there is no chance of recovery, its going straight down again. Now he hits really hard, fast and usually straight down, and to do that he has to hit the ball just over the net, which gives the other team a good chance at blocking him if they  can read where he is going. I used to be really good at reading a spiker back in high school but not so much now. And I don't have the reflexes I had in high school either ;) But when I saw the set and Jason making his approach I knew I had it. I remember thinking "I so got this one". And I didn't get it perfect, I only got one hand in front of it, but it was a solid block and hit down on their side before anyone could move! It was fantastic!
We have such a great group of people, and its so fun having new people too! I love Wednesday nights!!

backyard volleyball!

So I finally got my net up in the backyard! (My parents had cemented in two poles for me back in high school so I could put up a net and practice during the summer) This means I get to play a lot more often! So over the holiday weekend I played a few games, just with kids and friends around the neighborhood... It was lots of fun though a bit different since the net is at women's height (we play at men's height on wednesdays) and the court is short. But its so nice to just grab the ball and hit it around whenever I want :)
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Monday, July 4, 2011

wallyball :)

Wow I'm a little behind, Wednesday we weren't able to play volleyball at our church, or another one we've played at before, because the gym floors were being re-finished. So after the weather decided we couldn't play outside we ended up at our local fitness center at eight thirty for wallyball! We ended up playing three on three, Cassie, Becky, and I against Dan, Jenny, and Ryan. Now while three on three in volleyball doesn't make a very good game, in wallyball with the court being so much smaller works great! We usually separate the guys since they can jump higher and hit harder than us girls but oh well. We didn't keep score, just kinda played around, though I'm pretty sure that our team lost Haha. Some of the highlights of the game: Ryan and Dan both had some awesome, straight down hits (though it is a lower net which makes it easier for them to do that more often) Becky had some amazing saves both up at the net and on the back row! Including blocking one of those straight down hits, though I'm sorry I don't remember which of the guys spiked it. And all throughout the game, because of the the net height and his long arms, Dan had a tendency to jump, reach over the net and tip the ball we were trying to play down into our faces. It was almost impossible to save, though its not a legal hit either...Haha. So in one of these situations Becky, playing the met for my team, set the ball up, just a little too close to the net, and Dan hit it right back down. Now just so you all know, a lot of us have developed a a certain reaction when Dan hits the ball... We throw our arms up(or down depending on where they were to begin with) to protect our faces :) so Becky acting is self preservation threw her arms down and ended up catching the ball just right sending it flying right back under the net ... Right into Dan! Now this all happened very quickly, like Dan was still coming down from his jump when he got hit. Next thing we knew he was on the ground, though he thankfully wasn't really hurt, just taken by suprise. Haha that's what you get for stealing the ball from Becky's team! Just kidding, it was funny though.
I am so greatful for the people who come play! We have such a fun group, it really makes it an incredible day of the week. And with it being summer I can break out my backyard net for some backyard volleyball!! Love it!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weird day

So I found out my divorce was signed and filed this last Friday... But its kinda frustrating because I had called just before the courthouse had closed Friday evening and they didn't tell me anything when I asked. So I spent this weekend stressing about it only to find out this morning that I was stressing over nothing! Ha! well after some tears and a sigh of relief I now feel like I can progress and move forward.
On another note, so I am living at my parents house with my daughter and I recently moved into the basement bedroom and I had totally forgot that once a year this room gets flying ants that come in through the window well window! Ew! So I spent the morning walking around my room with the vacuum hose sucking up bugs, I have now taped up the window and am hoping not to find any more winged things. Yuck, I really, really don't like bugs!
After the phone call and the ants I had my friend, Cassie, take my Lilly baby and I to seven peaks. It was incredibly nice to get out of the house and spend some time doing something I love... Swimming! That completely made my day. Honestly when you are feeling down, stressed, angry, or any negative feeling, get out and go do something you love with people you love! It makes all the difference!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a thought from last week

**We all have trials in our lives and as long as we stay close to the Lord we will overcome them. This isn't a maybe , it is a sure thing. We all have bad days (we are human after all) when we feel like it's too much, but when we are living right we have the strength to pick ourselves up, dry our tears, and move forward.**
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Volleyball Night!!

So it is Wednesday night which means volleyball! And yes it was awesome :) Tonight in attendance we had: Bishop, Anita, Katie, Tyler, Cassie, Jason, Dan, Becky, Mike, Scott, Erica, and me! We had some crazy spikes tonight by Jason, who has the ability to jump like four feet in the air and spike the ball straight down faster than you can blink. Anita was awesome with her fantastic "tomahawk" hits, the were some awesome ups by Mike, Becky and me and Cassie totally made two serves in a row! Haha Love you Cassie!
So I was going to take some pictures of volleyball to post tonight and I completely forgot so I promise ill get some up next week!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So a little about me.... I am twenty three, almost divorced, and have a two year old daughter. I got married at nineteen after dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a year and a half in is when we found out we were goin to have a baby. I'm not going to dwell on what went wrong in our marriage because this blog is going to be about getting through and past the hard times in life. So after i had my daughter Lilly I had been depressed, not post-partum, just with what was going on in my marriage I felt like I didnt know myself anymore. I couldnt think of things I liked to do, music or movies I liked, just nothing. I felt like I was lost, I was married and had a beautiful daughter but I didnt know if my marriage was going to last and I was feeling helpless. Then one of the ladys from my parents ward let me know that they were playing volleyball wednesday nights at the church and told me I should come. Now i had played volleyball in high school and had loved it so I decided to go. I was really nervous about going the first few times but after going and getting to know the people it quickly became the highlight of my week! It was and is something I do for me, and so with that it became my "stress ball" Now I've become really good friends with several of the other players and we have been able to help each other through some hard times and had lots of good ones.
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