Monday, June 27, 2011

Weird day

So I found out my divorce was signed and filed this last Friday... But its kinda frustrating because I had called just before the courthouse had closed Friday evening and they didn't tell me anything when I asked. So I spent this weekend stressing about it only to find out this morning that I was stressing over nothing! Ha! well after some tears and a sigh of relief I now feel like I can progress and move forward.
On another note, so I am living at my parents house with my daughter and I recently moved into the basement bedroom and I had totally forgot that once a year this room gets flying ants that come in through the window well window! Ew! So I spent the morning walking around my room with the vacuum hose sucking up bugs, I have now taped up the window and am hoping not to find any more winged things. Yuck, I really, really don't like bugs!
After the phone call and the ants I had my friend, Cassie, take my Lilly baby and I to seven peaks. It was incredibly nice to get out of the house and spend some time doing something I love... Swimming! That completely made my day. Honestly when you are feeling down, stressed, angry, or any negative feeling, get out and go do something you love with people you love! It makes all the difference!
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