Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Volleyball Night!!

So it is Wednesday night which means volleyball! And yes it was awesome :) Tonight in attendance we had: Bishop, Anita, Katie, Tyler, Cassie, Jason, Dan, Becky, Mike, Scott, Erica, and me! We had some crazy spikes tonight by Jason, who has the ability to jump like four feet in the air and spike the ball straight down faster than you can blink. Anita was awesome with her fantastic "tomahawk" hits, the were some awesome ups by Mike, Becky and me and Cassie totally made two serves in a row! Haha Love you Cassie!
So I was going to take some pictures of volleyball to post tonight and I completely forgot so I promise ill get some up next week!
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  1. Haha ya! 2 serves in a row! Boom. Roasted.

  2. Cassie, sorry I couldn't be there to see the record being broken :/