Friday, July 8, 2011

My favorite night of the week!

Alright, so I'm not very good at posting right away after things happen so you all will have to bare with me and my slowness, haha. So Wednesday night volleyball was awesome, again, it was nice to play on our court again after last week and wallyball. The floors were super shiny and kinda sticky... so it wasn't a night to be sliding and diving for the ball. We had an awesome turnout of: Dan, Jenny, Becky, Cassie, Ryan, James, Jason, Jason's friend Kevin?(sorry I don't remember), Ali, Erica, Brett, and me. Ryan had to leave after only a few minutes so we played six on five. It was fun and competitive, with Jason's crazy spikes, Becky and Ali's sweet saves, and all of us laughing at each other, it was great. I am going to say I got an awesome block in! I had a few blocks that night but the best was blocking one of Jason's hits, because of the way he hits if someone blocks it there is no chance of recovery, its going straight down again. Now he hits really hard, fast and usually straight down, and to do that he has to hit the ball just over the net, which gives the other team a good chance at blocking him if they  can read where he is going. I used to be really good at reading a spiker back in high school but not so much now. And I don't have the reflexes I had in high school either ;) But when I saw the set and Jason making his approach I knew I had it. I remember thinking "I so got this one". And I didn't get it perfect, I only got one hand in front of it, but it was a solid block and hit down on their side before anyone could move! It was fantastic!
We have such a great group of people, and its so fun having new people too! I love Wednesday nights!!

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